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Packaging methods

Customized to your needs

Our dealer network is spread throughout Europe, which means our customers have different wishes. Therefore, Online Plant Market uses a multitude of packaging methods. This page lists them all! Scroll down and discover the possibilities.

Black crates

Online Plant Market uses black crates. These crates are available in 2 different versions: low and high crates. These boxes are widely used for plants that are supplied in a small pot size (eg P9 & P11). These boxes can be placed on CC carts or on Box pallets. This is a socially responsible way of packaging because the boxes can be reused. In addition, they are used to ensure optimum use of the pallet space. The image on the right gives an impression of this versatile packaging method.


Online Plant Market uses pallets. There are a large number of plants that lend themselves perfectly to being transported on a pallet. The image on the right gives an example: These Buxus balls fit perfectly on the pallet!

Half box pallet

The next packing method is the half box pallet. This pallet is shown visually in the photo on the right. Half box pallets are available with 3 or 4 planks, depending on the number of plants you order. By using different sizes we try to minimize transport costs as much as possible.

Box pallets

Box pallets are a commonly used packaging method within our business. Box pallets are available with 5 planks for smaller orders, or as a complete box pallet. The image on the right gives an impression of both variants.


The capacity of a Box pallet can be extended by usingĀ  a Ring. If it is not possible to place your order in a Box pallet, it is possible to increase the capacity by using a ring. This is an efficient and effective way of packaging because a pallet space is saved. This is beneficial for you, and for the environment! The image on the right gives an impression of a ring.

CC carts

A common transport method in the ‘green’ industry are CC carts. Thanks to the adjustable plates almost all plants can be placed on a CC-cart, provided they are not too high. These CC carts are equipped with an RFID tag. These tags are used to store or read information from a distance. This can be important for both transporters and customers.

Half French box

A half French box is often used for the export of small orders to France. However, these boxes can also be used to transport flowering plants. The half French box is shown on the picture.

French boxes

French boxes are used for export to France. Online Plant Market uses two different types of French boxes: a variant with 5 layers and a variant with 9 layers. Depending on the height of the ordered plants, it is determined which French box is the most efficient. This contributes to realising a maximum transport efficiency. The image on the right provides an impression of both boxes.

Forestry and hedging pallet

The forestry pallets are used to transport forestry and hedging plants. These pallets are extremely suitable for shipping bare root hedging plants, due to their high loading capacity. As soon as the root material has been stacked, the pallet is sealed in order to guarantee the quality of the ordered plants. The image on the right gives an impression of these forestry and hedging pallets.

Wrapping film

In addition to all of these packaging methods, which are customized to your needs, Online Plant Market uses wrapping film and/or wrapping nets. To pack your orders as optimally as possible, it is essential that your plants are well protected. This way we can guarantee top quality garden plants.

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